Tuesday, January 11, 2011

School and internet

Today I had a talk with one of the teachers of the girls.

She called me about an issue which was already resolved and about the fact that I'm against MSN on our computer.

The school doesn't want MSN installed, so why should we?

Well, she said, it's very convenient to talk with the exchange student.

I'm sure it is. But gmail has a chat function too and one way or another I trust it far more.

It's the third time this year that I feel the school doesn't care enough for the safety on internet of the pupils.

My girls came home a while ago and said she had to make a blog with her own name. One had done as she was told, but had written nothing on the blog. The other wanted to discuss the matter, because she didn't feel like keeping a blog.

We discussed the matter and the blog with the real name was deleted, an alias was invented, which wasn't difficult and a new blog was made.
My girl loves to keep it and it's doing well.

The other girls went to her teacher and told him she didn't want to have a blog, that it takes her time and that she wants to spend her time the way she wants.
He valued that very much. Which leveled my respect for him upwards a lot.

He also valued the comments about using a name and that was it.

I took it well, but I still wonder how on earth he could go straight against the guidelines of the government and lots of others.

One of the other issues is putting photos online without the permission of the children or parents.
I think that's not done and it's against the law.

When schools use the new media, they should know the rules and dangers first.


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