Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Parents evening

Another parents evening.

Why don't they give parents a card on which we get points for received information?
6 kids means 6 times the same information about choices for a profession.
6 times hearing how the educational system is organised.
6 times hearing that dates are set and forms need to be with Mr. Soandso in time.
6 times hearing about subjects that are needed, that are responsible choices and that are free.

And I went a few times with children from friends so....

The school of the girls is very dedicated to inform the parents.
This was the second time we got almost the same information, with the same slides, and... the same jokes.

Considering the fact that these evenings are also mainly for parents and kids that haven't made a choice yet and don't know how to make a choice, and considering the fact that my daughter want to become a nurse and knows that nothing will change her mind anymore, and you'll understand that we were happy we were able to leave.

That we didn't have to face more than an hour on the busses and waiting for one at the windy busstation was a great feeling. Our second son had a car and took the honours to drive us.

I was happy for my daughter.
This week is a week full of tests and I don't think they should plan evenings like this in such a week.
Now she only lost half of the evening....


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