Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Count Down - 17 - 2nd letter

To our surprise the letter to court was changed tremendously.

This time I was personally attacked for not remembering something completely irrelevant.
It was a letter about safety in the family, if the father of the kids knew.
In fact, I remembered it well, but they guy interpreted me saying: not the content, in: not the complete letter.

I'm so tired of it all that at the moment I don't remember the second thing he mentioned.

I mailed his teamleader about how I felt about this all and put the whole case in front of her. Called it personal, so she didn't bluntly discuss what I had written about him, making him even more against us.

Well, she thought I meant private... So I got a letter to state we had a workingrelationship and I surpassed it.


So I wrote her another one stating the difference between adressing her private and addressing her as a teamleider personal, so she could use her descretion to guide relationships and reports in such a way that our voice was heard too.

I'm fed up with this whole situation.

We've done nothing wrong and still they're writing things to make us look like idiots and unfit parents.
It's clear it's an ego matter and maybe a bit of professional hate between social workers and psychologists too.

They can't put it in writing that we don't need help.
It's unbelievable!

I know this all shall pass.

It all shows how these organisations work and how many people like us are hurt without any grounds but lack of knowledge, empathy and building a case on what someone else says without even trying to speak the truth.
They all said straight in our face that they were not looking for the truth, that all they did was just give the judge an opinion.

We give the truth and we still see the court as a kind of sacred place where the truth needs to be spoken.

But it's like our voice doesn't matter anything more than the peep of a mouse.
They react accordingly.


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