Sunday, January 30, 2011

Other culture?

We had a strange feeling about the exchange student of one of the girls.
He asked one of the girls of the group, he'd never seen, to be his girlsfriend. Ofcourse she said she didn't want to be and then he told her he hated her.

On facebook he states he's married, he's two years older than the school states he is, he's a smoker according to his photos, he's been telling he drinks and on top of it all he wrote a proposal that makes clear he's sure having troubles with his hormones.

So either he's a little boy yelling to make himself a lot bigger than he is, suggesting low self esteem, or he's a guy that can't be trusted.
He strongly suggests he's either troubled or trouble.

We can deal here with different nationalities and different cultures. No problem.
Turkish people enough here that can read on his facebook what I can't read.

But I want something better for my girl than stressing what kind of exchange student she'll have.

My other girl has a lovely girl as exchange partner, and they're both looking forward to meet each other.

But this istanbul boy/guy is another story. The fun of exchanging is already gone. What should be the highlight of the year doesn't appeal to my daughter anymore. She asks herself what to do with a boy that is circling around all the girls, already before he even sees them and puts indecent proposals on his facebook. Not directed to her in person, but for all to read.

This doesn't feel good.

What would you advice?
Ofcourse I have a solution to the problem, but I would like your input.

Is this simply another culture on our plate and the guy will be a shy boy not knowing how to behave, or is this male trouble?


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