Thursday, January 27, 2011

no car

It's fun that some people think that we're some sort of health freaks just because we don't have a car.

You should know we live in the city. Not near the centre, but just within it's borders, meaning there are busses within a 10 minute bicycle ride (and one that goes once an hour in a 3 minute walk range).
Parking a car in the city is no fun at all and costs a lot.

Commuting to work is a real problem with traffic jams and the whole lot. A 1,5 hour trainride costs 2,5 hours by car. Parking problems not counted.
So why have a car?

OK, we're getting a bit older now and reaching the school of the girls is a pain. And it would be convenient to get groceries all at once, from door to door.

But the convenience doesn't outweight the costs at all.

The same goes for a dishwasher.
Even though we've been a very large family, we've never had one.
Then we didn't have the money, now we don't have the money.

Washing the dishes is not a real problem here. I don't mind to do it, and when kids are around it's fun to do the job together.
One can have a good talk, have fun or whatever.
I'm happy my children can deal with life without all that equipment.
And we can use our money for things that are neceaasry.


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