Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nelson Mandela in hospital

Nelson Mandela has been admitted to hospital yesterday after he returned to town after a week long visit to the countryside.

He's 92 years old now.

Acccording to a pressrelease it's for routine checks only.
But people are asked to remain calm, and family and friends are almost standing in line to visit him.

Journalists are already trying to write his biography in a unique way, so they have it ready, in case...

But who needs a biography of such a famous man?

He's one of a group of people who fought against injustice in the world, in a time that internet didn't exist.
There are only a few of them left, mainly living a quiet life.

According to people who knew him a bit he was a kind man, with the gift of strategic thinking and swift adaptation to different situations.

He withdrew from public life in 1999, but when he'll die he'll leave a lot of people who should be gratefull for what he has done.


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