Monday, January 3, 2011

A mom for almost 25 years.

Just a month to go and then an important celebration will be held here at the home of our kids.

I had forgotten about it, but today a friend asked me to put my experiences on paper.
25 years being a mom of a great variety of kids, it's not nothing.

For many years I've been an advisor for breastfeeding and later I've become a trusted person for many people who lost a baby and an advisor for parents with autistic children.

Because I haven't been in the limelight with my activities people thought it was worth nothing. Not socalled coaches and people with other fancy jobnames earn their money with what I have to offer from not only bookknowledge but real life experience.

My kids love to sit beside me when the Nanny is on TV, because that program boosts my self confidence.
Long before the Nanny was on TV I used some of her approaches with huge success.

I never had problems with my children going to bed.
Just one needed the nanny approach of persistence.
The rest was guided into recognising that sleep feels good and enables more play in the morning.

Lots of my knowledge was learned from my gram, who shares her knowledge as free as I shared mine. Some came from the rest of the family.
When I grew up it was a time full of aunts and uncles and sunday meetings. I don't even know how many nieces and nephews I have, because there were always kids my age.

Today my children told me how happy they were to have me as a mom, because they grew into people who know their identity.

What do you think: should I open a blog about 25 years of parenting and share my experiences there?


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