Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Meeting near the coffee

When shopping today I saw someone walk near the shelves with coffee and he looked quite familiar.
So I decided to need some packages of coffee too and went there.

It was a former classmate and he smiled when he recognised me.
We went to the coffeemachine and got ourselves a cup of coffee and sat down to talk a bit.

He's married and has got three kids, who all have left home already.
He's a grandparent of a very cute little boy.
He showed me the photos. Oh, he was so proud!

After he left school he went to university to study geographics.
In that time we saw each other a few times, because my department hired rooms in their building.
He decided to quit geography and start studying law.
Quite an unexpected change, even for him.

Now he's a Maritime Injury Lawyer.
That's not surprising.
He was an active member of the seascouts and their leader was a maritime injury lawyer too.

He never regretted his choice, he told me.
He saw his wife when he was to the coast for his job and they lived in a very nice small town until their daughter became ill.
They recently moved here to help their daughters family to cope in a bad time.

We agreed to stay in contact and try to find some others of that time too.

Then we went back to the shelves with coffee and finished our shopping.


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