Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Make your own decisions

There's a lot to do at the moment here in our area, because 2 children, aged 4 and 11, died of the mexican flu in december and a grown up of 34 in octobre.

At the moment 7 people with the mexican flue are at the local hospitals.

Even when we are able to keep a good grip on reality and realise that last year less people died of the flu than other years, and these people don't suggest excessive amounts of ill people at the moment, eyebrows are raised.

The children that died were presented to the local family doctors organisation within 12 hours of their death and the parents were told they just had a simple flu.

Ofcourse investigations have started.
They won't bring the children back.
They won't.

We're lucky to have a family doctor who takes things serious.
But he can't escape from developments in his profession which bring him further and further from the people he knows and who know him.

The central doctors organisation is an organised way to provide doctor's care during the nights and weekends.
In the past a collegue of our doctor covered for him and we knew that doc too.
Both doctors knew I was a mom who was very well able to assess the condition of my children and I would never call for something small and non-urgent.
They always trusted my assessment and if I needed them here, which seldom happened, just one short call was sufficient to have them hurry here.

The doctor's organisation doesn't know the people they're caring for.
When I called two years ago when I was dealing with a very bad infection I got so many questions that I nearly fainted. More than half of them were not important for a proper assessment if a doctor was needed, and I was even told to take a paracetamol and all would be well.
With my last energy I told the woman I was bleeding badly and I was fainting.
Someone took over the phone and finally he was told to bring me over.
No doctor was to come.

My neighbour took me.
A lovely kind and caring doc had me lie down for over an hour after she assessed me with far too high bloodpressure, a serious infection and something else I didn't hear anymore.

I got antibiotics and painkillers and was told later that I'd been just in time.

I was lucky.


Why were these children not taken serious enough and why did they die?

Because money is far more important than people, that's why.

It's important that parents get themselves educated well. Follow a coourse of first aid and when available one for first aid for kids too.
When you're send away by a doctor's assistant and you don't trust the health of your child, go to the emergency service.
Trust you intuition and make your own decisions.


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