Friday, January 7, 2011

Listening to old musicians

Listening to old musicians is so marvellous!
One time a week there's a programme on the radio that devotes a few hours to old interviews of even older musicians.

It's like listening to your granddad I think.
I've never known my grandfather well enough. He died when I was three.
But he was, apart from a teacher, a very good musician, like so many others in my family.

I feel very rich to have part of his musicbooks.

Now I'm older and have found my way in musicland, I know a bit about what I love as a musicmaker and what not.
Today I heard a musician say he started to dislike the formal musicpieces and he enjoyed himself far better improvising.
It's the same for me.
Playing my instruments I start playing something fixed, but soon my feelings guide me to improvisation.
Even with bagpipes.

The way this man talked about his feelings about music made me smile. I recognised such a lot in what he said.

There are moments I miss my father, who was a musician too.
This was one of those moments.


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