Thursday, January 27, 2011

Last evening the site of school showed one of my daughters would be home two hours early.
She asked if she could meet me after school in the shopping centre. She wants to buy something for my birthday. but she's not sure if I like it enough.

I said it was OK.

After she'd done her homework she was drawing and got a lot of comment about that from her brother.
She didn't mind his comments, but they made me curious why she was drawing.
It was for the drawing lessons, even though she expected she would get free.

Just a few moments ago she called and told me she couldn't meet me in the shoppingcentre because of the drawing lessons. The teacher showed up today so she has to be at school those two hours.

I'm happy she finsished her drawing yesterday, and I'm sure she's happy about that too.
Some teachers don't mind of homeworl is finsihed, but this teacher does.
He's very strict, probably because he wants the pupils to take the subject serious.

Well he should start by being at school all the time so kids taske him more serious too.


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