Friday, January 14, 2011

A kid and science

It's such a delight to have a child that thoroughly enjoyes learning.
I do myself and I never expected to find another soul who loves learning just as much, unless it would be some strange character. LOL!

This evening we were watching discovery channel.
Not to see the latest on the latest knowledge about most effective weight loss pills but to watch a science program.
It caught our attention because it discussed a Star Treck subject: the warp drive.

We pulled our legs on the couch and relaxed and watched the whole explanation. It was breath taking.
After the commercial break another part of the series was on, featuring atoms and tinier parts.

I asked my daughter if she wanted something to drink, but she didn't even hear it.
The explanation about scientific novelties took all her attention and she obviously enjoyed it tremendously.

When the programs were finally over she took a deep breath and I assume her sigh could be heard through the whole house.

"Mom, I think I have to be careful not to drop science at school. This is so very interesting."

Only after that she realised she wanted something to drink.


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