Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I've never sung with a karaoke machine.
OK, I've used my vocal cords with the text of a song on TV, but real karaoke? Never.


I love singing though.

My father was the director of a very good choir, like his father, some of my uncles, his grandfather and the father of his grandfather.
he took me with him when I was 4 and I still have loving memories of me, a small child, between those, in my eyes, huge young people.

Soon I knew the lyrics of the songs the practiced and with a very soft voice I sang along. I didn't want to be heard, I just wanted to sing.

The nuns at school discovered I knew all the lyrics of the songs that were sung in church, so soon I was one of the youngest soloists.

So karaoke was never necessary, if it existed then.

When I got my own family I stopped singing in choirs, which made tralala as a lyrick quite acceptable.
For a short while I had to learn and memorize lyrics again when I sang in a band, but after that? No one cared.

I can't imagine myself on stage singing with a machine that displays the text.
I think I'll read too slow, or my mind gets seperated from the music too much.
Maybe, maybe I love it.
I always keep a choice open when I don´t know the answer.


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