Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jobs on your iPhone

The recession has hit many people very hard.
The government here said we'd escaped the problems, but they suffered from short-sightedness.
Even today many people lost their jobs because of cut backs to overcome the consequences of the recession. And there are still people facing reorganisations that might put them on the couch in their home instead of in an office chair.

Last week I had a short talk with a man that faced terrible problems due to the recession and silly rules from the Eurpean Union.
It's decided that people with a certain income don't qualify anymore to rent a home from homing organisations. And it's worse: people have to get out of their houses, even when they've lived there 50 years and offer to pay more rent.

This man faced moving with his family, which included an autistic son.
His wife cared fulltime for his son and couldn't have a job that paid enough for them to buy a house.
So he arranged to rent a house in the private sector.
Papers were signed, for two months of rent paid.

And today he heard that he was one of a group of 20 of whom 4 would be without a job within 4 months.

The stress was so unbearable that he didn't know what to do.

So he told his story and cried.
A grown up man, with a wonderful family. A caring man. And on top of it an experienced man in his profession.

I told him that Monster might be an option to find jobs. They have perfect information online about writing resumees and such and they provide a lot of information on iPhone, so there was no need to buy piles of local papers or sit in the offices of intermediaries all day.

Monster brings employers and employees together and this guy has so much experience I told him I was convinced that someone would jump from joy to hire him.

Today he called.
He found a job, and it paid better than expected. In fact, this job is an improvement for the whole family as they have better insurance and more monthly income.

He asked me if I liked to drink wine.
No, I don't.
I told him that I was happy for him and his family and that was good enough for me.


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