Sunday, January 23, 2011

Inspiring a little girl

Not many people know I used to collect cigar wrappers and wooden cigarboxes.
It seldom happens that someone gives me a cigar wrapper these days, but the shop at the railwaystation still keeps the emtpy cigar boxes until either the girls or I collect them.

It all started when I was a little girl and a friend of the family gave me my first cigar wrapper.
I also gave me a collection book with 25 hard to get wrappers.
The trust he showed me to keep them undamaged was precisely what I needed to keep the collection as up to date as possible during many years.

He was a smoker of robust cigars. Some created smoke that made me feel gasping for breath, so I would stay away from our livingroom when he was smoking, others made me feel like a princess in a fragrance of far away countries.

I knew I would never start smoking, but I loved the world of care and expertise that was hidden behind each individual cigar.

When he was old he didn't restrict himself anymore to the large cigards with dark tobacco, but he would smoke different Rocky Patel cigars, opening the world of aromas even more.
I could sense his mood by seeing and smelling which cigar he was smoking and sometimes he asked me not to tell my mom he was rather in for a quiet sunday afternoon than an intense discussion of politics and the educational system.

When he died, the cigard left my livingworld, except for the wrappers and the boxes.
I don't think I can recognise a cigar all by it's smell anymore. But I do know which ones are the best.

In case you want to try I advice you to buy the famous 'Best Of Rocky Patel' Sampler #2. It's on sale at the moment until the end of the month, and it provides you with a taste and smell of a diversity of what cigars have to offer.
Even one of them makes a wonderful gift.

And maybe, maybe you can inspire a little girl to start a nice collection of wrappers.


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