Thursday, January 20, 2011

A house and a supermarket attacked

Yesterday there were two attacks in town.

Near the place where we lived before we moved here a family was held at gunpoint by attackers.
It's the somaniest family facing such an ordeal.
We haven't heard any details yet.

And quite nearby a supermarket was attacked by armed men. It was in the same street where the gardencentre is that was attacked the same way a few weeks ago.

I have informed the children so they won't go to the shops here after school, as that's the time each attack was. I know kids their age love to get something for themselves, but if needed I'll get it. It's less fun, but safer.

I'm also thinking of buying a second hand baby phone and install it between the hobbyroom of my son who is almost a safety guardian.
Often I'm the only one in the livingroom and when something happens any kids upstairs will be in danger. A silent alarm under my chair might help a bit, but I don't mind him hearing me dusting and vaccuuming or humming a song. When he's able to hear when something is not OK and he can call the police so those attackers are finally caught, we're happy folks.

What would you do?


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