Monday, January 24, 2011

Metal buildings

Here in town is a discussion going about building new sporting halls for the highly talented pupils of the special school for sports.

One of the problems here is that the council starts prestigious projects without calculating the costs well enough, so each time they need to spend far more money than planned.

The same is expected regarding the sporting facilities.

I think they need to consider all options and even look abroad how other sporting schools are dealing with their pupils.

I know from friends that they have very good experiences with Olympia Buildings.
They can provide metal buildings that suit the needs, are within the available funds, and will be ready, for a change, within the available time.

What appeals too is that all accessories can be adjusted to the needs and will be delivered by the same firm. So there won't be ridiculous incidents like lamps that won't fit or doors that are 5 cm too small.

The warranty that comes with these buildings covers about the lifetime of the building, as most buildings here are made for 40 or 50 years. By that time the town will have changed so very much that a sproting location like that will be moved somewhere else.

Buildings like these can already be seen as offices at the industrial area. They look awesome.
So when the council wants to keep building presigious and has less money to invest this is the best option.


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