Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The heating repairman

Yesterday the heating repairman came to control the system.
Again it was a new person, but a very nice guy.

The heatingsystem is at the attick, in a special small room.
We keep the travelcases there and before the repairman came I put them elsewhere, so he would have enough room to stand there.
Hopefully without hitting his head against the low roof.

The former ones didn't want me to go upstairs with them.
So when this man arrived I told him where to go and to let me know if he needed something.
He was rather short so he wouldn't hit his head.

It took him quite a while to get things done.
In the meantime I sat downstairs with my son who studies for safety guardian.

Finally the guy came down and told us that he had found a problem with the heating and had put the pressure in the compression bowl higher.
I told him it was set low on purpose in the past, because we had it burst once.
He said it should have the pressure he installed.
Well, when we have problems I'm sure someone will repair it again.
Let's describe it all to more knowledge about the system.

Then he turned to my son and they talked a bit about the ducation and pratical work.
Turned out he had worked in the same area.

He left us with a big smile and my son with a lot of motivation...added to the lot he already had.

We lost the whole afternoon waiting, because he arrived rather late.
But it was nice to meet him.

And the heating?

Doing fine.


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