Sunday, January 23, 2011

Half sided facial paralysis

Yesterday our third son woke up with a half sided facial paralysis which seemed to be due to lying on the nerve while he was asleep.
he had no pain at all and didn't experience much discomfort so we decided to give it a few hours to get less.

No changes were seen, and as not much can be done in these cases he wanted to wait a bit more.

In the evening he was with friends but came home to fetch something.
The paralysis seemed to be more serious, so within one moment I decided to go to the ER.

Our second son went through the back door to ask a friend in the next street to drive us. I went upstairs and jumped in some fresh clothes, threw my meds in a bag, went downstairs, threw my diabetesmeds and some food in the bag and was ready when the car came in front of the door.
We got in and went away.

Going straight to the ER is out of the question here.
A family physician should see the patient first and in the weekends we should go to the practice of assembled family physicians at the other side of town.
Nuts when an ER is at a distance of a 10 minutes drive.

We arrived, were asked through the intercom what we wanted, I asked for entrance to the ER for a neurological case and we were on hospital premisses.
Within 5 minutes a nurse was taking the history and within 10 my son was seen by a doctor. We were so lucky we were there before the drunken and drugged arrived.

He got a complete neurological exam (which I took at home right that morning and repeated that afternoon) and nothing else was found than the paralysis.
Consultation with the neurologist provided nothing new.

Again he was checked and then we were told that he would get medication (prednison and cream and drops for his eye, as it doesn't close properly)
The expectatiom is that the paralysis is gone in about 7 days.

The doc said we'd done well to wait and observe during the day and come in straightaway this evening after observing it was a bit worse.

Then we had to go and get the medication... at the place where the weekend doctors work... just one street away from it. Haha!

Until now I've seen no change at all. He takes his meds very consciently. I'm glad with that.

Ofcourse I'm worried a lot about this, as I know not all cases improve well.

It took all my attention and I forgot I had to write the letter of comment before monday. (See Our Count Down)
When I realised all the stress jumped on me like a heavy dog.
I took care of it today. I hope I did well enough because I'm worrying about my son now. We can't afford a lawyer this time. We're still paying the bill of the first one.

I wonder when life will be boring here.


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