Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't tell the kids

The oldest was a real science wonder. But he's got a job, and has a budy life.
He can't jump in anymore when my daughters have questions about science and maths and such.

Their father works long hours, so guess who gets the questions?


I skipped science in the past as soon as possible. I did maths however and wasn't a bright light. In fact the light was nearly out during my school years, and everybody knew.

At the final exams the teacher had me sit beside the best pupil and then told us he would turn his back for ten minutes to see what other kids were doing, so I would get the opportunity to let my eyes drift to what my neighbour had written and have my hands copy it precisely, so my brains wouldn't feel I was doing something I wasn't supposed to do under normal circumstances.
It was an order!

I couldn't.
I got my diploma anyway, because I had compensation of other subjects more than enough.

A few years later I got a job at the university.
To my surprise and fear it was changed the minute I walked in: I had to teach statistics and math. Haha!
I studied a lot and was just a chapter ahead of my best pupils, but when teaching I suddenly understood what I was talking about and all went well.

In 30 years a lot has changed.

Kids use different books and different systems and programs.
One of the kids has science and I didn't understand one little bit of it.
Pity was: neither did she.

So I took the books and studied and studied.
Most of what she needs to know I can explain to her.
Her teacher is young and doesn't have all the patience in the world.

I have.
She thinks I'm the perfect person to explain things to her, because I give her the rest to think.
Don't tell the kids: I need that time too.


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