Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dioxine scandal in Germany

Last week Germany had to publish terrible news.
Dioxine was found in eggs and chickenmeat.
This resulted in the closure of 4700 farms to prevent spreading of the problem and to minimize the impact on public health.

Today 330 farms in Niedersaksen are still closed and under supervision. Their products are conctroled on a regular basis until they're safe again.

The problem has been caused by a business called Harles und Jentzsch. It sold contaminated animal food.
Unknown is if they sold only to farmers or if they sold to zoo's and private animal owners too.

Ofcourse export of eggs, eggproducts and meat went down to a minimum, and many farmers got into financial troubles.

All thought the problem was coming to an end, but today dioxine was found in porkmeat in a farm in Niedersaksen.

Dioxine is a name for a group of chemicals. 17 of the about 210 are poisonous for people. One of the first symptoms are skinproblems.


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