Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Different jobs

One of the main subjects in the life of young people is making the choice for a future profession.

Because I want the best for my children I want them to examine all options including
technology jobs.
I don't think any of the girls well go into that direction, but I want them to know about those professions too. When they have a husband and children it's good the know more about what they are doing than a name.

Maybe it's my upbringing that made me think that way.
We had a very large family and us, the oldest grandchildren, grew up between bookprinters and bookbinders. We knew everything about it and all were able to take over the business without any problem if it had been necessary.
Our parents took us to friends and others so we would see more than books, printing ink and binders. And we were interested in everything.
It was in a time that people spended energy in other people.
Our butcher was a kind and energetic man and he loved to show us things. How we could see if meat was fresh, how me could make the best smoked ham. We were not allowed to touch any of his knives, but we were allowed all questions we could think of and he would answer all of them.
We never went home without something special.

At the other side of the street a shoemaker had his house and shop.
He tought me how to mend shoes, and I still use the skills he taught me.
When I grew older I loved bags, and he found me the finest leather to design and make my own.

Seeing many different people work on jobs they love was the best way to teach me that one could be happy in any profession, but also that it's important to find out yourself what you want to become.

So I'm happy with the school of my children, because they want young people spend a few days looking at a few jobs themselves.

On top of that I think parents have the responsibility to offer information as broad as possible and motivate their children to have a look.


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