Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Changes and changes and....changes

It's january, and it feels like we're at the end of the year.
It's terribly dark outside, grey and it rains a lot.
The river didn't reach the expected level, but stayed 20 cm under it, but I'm sure the rain will cause a surprise. It's so much that's coming down. This afternoon I watched the BBC weather expectations and I'm sure more will come.
The wind is firm, the temps are in the double digits.

We're waiting for the last papers for our third son, so he can start his practical work in the hospital. He's looking forward to it and I'm sure he'll do well and finish his studies this year.

One of the girls is thinking about stopping ballet for a year during the final exams.
She wants to do her best. I think she needs some relaxation too, but maybe she can find it too in her other hobbies.
Most of the time it's best to give my view and give her time to think about it. So that's what I did.
Now she has a reasonable good idea what she wants to become she's very motivated for school. The little girls is becoming a young lady.

Both girls are preparing for the student exchange.
In a few weeks their exchange students will come here.
We're arranging means of travel, as we don't have a car and I assume we have to bring both students to and fro, and our girls with them.

After that they'll travel for the first time by airplane.
Wish I could go with them.

We've decided to sell things to gather money as we don't have donations or sponsors yet.
It feels like my whole house is upside down now we're going through all our stuff at the attick and the rest of the house.
Anyone needs something special? Just ask. Maybe we've got it for you.

Oops...someone coming in and asking my attention.
See you tomorrow.


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