Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The chairs in our house

I love chairs. Strange ones, handmade ones. And certainly ones with a history.

The chairs around our dinnertable are all the same. That looks nice and none can complain his chair is less comfortable than one of the others.

But the rest of the house is a collection of chairs that arrived here for a reason or because they represent something.

Take for instance the rocking chair.
I always wanted a certain chiar but it was always far too expensive.
For my birthday I got one which looked nice but was a burden to my back. Only a friend sat it in and when she took her large son on her knee, completely against all advice, to show the chair could take it, it collapsed.
I didn´t weep a tear.

A few years ago I was looking around on an auction site, just waiting for a phone call, hardly noticing what was before my eyes, when suddenly my attention was caught by the chair I was looking for.
I didn´t think I could afford it, but clicked the button to get more information.
It turned out that the chair was for me.
It was sold a few streets from here by people who were moving, and it was sold for almost nothing.
I called and the boys went to get it.

Since then the chair is in our livingroom.
It´s used as a place where my violins are kept alone.
Only I use it, no one else.

When you want to know about other chiars in our house you have to wait until the next time I´ll blog about them.


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