Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cards and tradition

Today I got one of the save the date cards one of my american friends has created to announce her marriage.

I love those cards.
They enable me to remember the date very well and keep my family on top of the date too.
I have put it on the fridge, so they see it every day.

I'm sure these cards will become a tradition.

Here we have formal announcements that are rather large and are put on the TV table to show off. Then after cleaning the room they are closed again and are put on a pile with cards.
When the date hasn't been put in the agenda there's a good chance it'll be forgotten.
Otherwise it's in the agenda, and in case none of the family is involved in the preparations, the date is half forgotten and we have to shop for clothes and stuff in a hurry.

These cards are not only very convenient for a wedding, but also for other events.
Right now one of our sons is studying in his final year and the dates of the official events will be set soon.

I'm thinking of discussing these cards with him.
Would you?


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