Thursday, January 27, 2011

Barcodes at the market

A few weeks ago I was at the market in town and was surprised to see the shirt for one of my sons was scanned with a real barcode scanner.
I didn't know technology was advanced again, and I asked the shopowner how long he was using the instrument.

He smiled and told me he had been at a conference before christmas and decided to buy one when it was presented there.
he them asked me to come with him and he showed a receipt printer, a device to pay online, and ofcourse, a security camera.

He was so proud that I felt moved.

Two years ago his wife died and when we asked for her he sat down crying and told us everything what happened. He was not sure if he would be able to go on selling on the markets.
The year after he had severe financial problems due to the recession and he told me he was not sure if his shop would survive.
So that he was able to buy this barcode scanner and other equipment was a real victory. It saves a lot of time to use barcodes, he told me, and that made life a lot easier.

And then he showed me a small photograph.
A lovely baby, his grandson, he told me.
Tears again, but this time happy tears.


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