Thursday, January 13, 2011

An autism surprise at the dentist

My autistic son has had years is his history that he couldn't deal with a brush in his mouth.
We were lucky he had not too many eating problems, as some autistic children won't accept certain textures and/or tastes.
He experienced a short time of troubles, but we decided not to add extra stress to the situation and I just didn't cook the dishes that caused problems.
He forgot his problems and wehn I served the dishes after a while he just ate them.

But brushing his teeth? No way!

All I could do was give him healthy food and drinks, close the day with something that was antibacterial and hope the best.

A few weeks ago he suddenly didn't throw a fit when we had to go to the dentist.
He just did what he needed to do and was OK with it.
He even agreed with a next appointment.

Ofcourse I expected his usual tricks not to go somewhere he didn't want to go.
But yesterday evening he didn't complain he had no games to play, needed Iphone accessories, a new headset or a new TV.

He asked the girls to wake him up in case the alarm wasn't loud enough and went to sleep.
And this morning he was ready to go before I knew. Wow!

At the dentist he was charming, took ages to spit out some water, because she said: "Take your time", and kept his mouth wide open when she walked away.
But nothing unwanted happened.
He smiled when he thanked her and didn't say anything about the weather: rain.

At home he took his time before th mirror and sat smiling all morning with a strange face to show as much of his teeth as possible.



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