Thursday, January 6, 2011

Autism and vaccines

OK, let's be straightforward: I'm a non-believer.

I'm a mom of autistic kids, in a country where vaccinations have been growing in number the past so many years, in a country where autism has been growing in number the last so many years, and a scientist.
I lectured methods and techniques of research.

Wakefield is in the news again, that's why I address the issue once again.

He's accused of making up his reseachresults, and because of that many people jump to his rescue or emerge themselves again in statements over a matter they don'tknow anything about.

I'm sorry, autism moms who believe that vaccinations made their child autistic.

When you want to believe someone who took some friends of his son to measure something and make a statement with a huge impact on 12 people who were not even half of a respresentation of the group he seems to talk about, it's your responsibility.

Scientific research has certain standards so people won't be harmed by statements that are not true enough to be believed, and wakefield simply didn't meet those standards.

You can't draw far reaching conclusions on a number of 12.
It's as simple at that.

I'll leave alone all those other examples that make clear he violated the rules that protect your children.

But take the idea that Wakefield is right.
We should be able to reproduce his findings, should we?
For each and every person who is diagnosed autistic.
Be scientific: with a chance of 95% of correct replication. We tolerate errors and natural variation in 5% of the cases.

We can't replicate his findings at all.

That's why the scientific community doesn't accept his conclusions.

Use your common sense and have an open mind.
There are countries where no vaccinations are given and the number of autism rises the same way.
Are you still sure vaccinations cause autism?
Are you still sure there's nothing else causing autism?

And what to say that mercury disappeared from the vaccines and there's no decline of the number of autism cases.
One should see the number drop, because the socalled bad stuff isn't given to the children anymore.
But the number doesn't drop. Not at all.

I don't care all those allegations about the pharmaceutical industry making money because kids in America get so many vaccinations.
Kids get at least 10 of them less here, and autism rises the same way anyway.

I support all sorts of research to discover the cause of autism.
Ofcourse I do.

I would love to know what caused autism in my children.
One of them got autism before getting the vaccinations...interesting, ej?

I worry that people who are firm believers will stand in the way of finding the true cause or causes of autism.
They certainly subject their children to the risks of the diseases these vaccines prevent to occur.

It's a heavy responsibility thee people take.
Hiding behind the idea that scientist don't falsify data is plain stupid.
We've had the debacle of Grossarth Maticek in cancer research. And I know of quite a few others.
People do everything to keep their job, inclusing falsifying data.

When other researchers are not able to replicate a research study, we've got firm grounds to believe that mistakes are made or more is the matter.
Honest researchers try to replicate their own research and withdraw the results when they can't.


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