Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Sometimes I long back to the time that friends were able to hop over for a cup of coffee without prior notation in the agenda.
Just a call and within half an hour the house was full with friends and their young children.
Some bottles with babyfood, some healthy cookies and lots of coffee were enough to have hours of discussions and exchange of experiences.

Now I have to do my utmost to get some visitors to my birthday.
Not only are my best friends all over the world, the few that live nearby have their lives firmly grounded in their agendas.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday in the morning, so I had plenty of time for the children during the rest of the day. My autistic boy watched TV in the evening with his dad and disruptions of that routine are not good for his mood.
The stress of the past months has made him cling more to this evening routine.
And I hate it to have visitors and the TV on.

So in the morning would be best, I thought. Fresh applepie and cake, fragrant coffee, and the presents of some of the children just unwrapped on the table.
No, said one friend. I've got things to do at the school of my children and I skipped them due to the illness of my daughter the past week, so... You'll see me in the afternoon.
OK, said another one, it'll be during lunchtime, because I've got an appointment with someone in the morning.
Hmmm, mumbled a third one, I have to look in my agenda when the meeting of the paper is... but I can shift that ... when is your appointment with the dentist?

We both had a good laugh, because we remembered at the same time that I asked him before christmas to make me take a good note of it in the new agenda.

When I have a look at the board with small papers the one of the dentist is gone.
And the appointment isn't noted in the new agenda.

Well, at least something resulted from asking my friends for my birthday: I have to ask my dentist if he can fit me in. At my birthday maybe?


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