Thursday, January 27, 2011

Acne scars

With so many young people around I'm not amased that questions are asked about all subjects of life.
Acne is considered a fact of normal life here, but acnescars are a different matter.

I've always been able to control myself and I don't have many scars, but one of the boys and some of his friends seem to have been bitten by a scarring bug, and now their acne is disappearing the scars remain as a not so fond memory of that time.

Even though er tell them that most scars will disappear in time and one starts to regard those small ones that stay as a normal part of life, they're ready to start working on them straightaway.

Using internet they found and some other sites that provide relevant information, so they can make a good choice between products.

All I can tell them is not to experiment a lot.
The skin shows mistakes and some for rather a long time.
Careless application of chemicals might result in long lasting problems which exceed those of acnescars.

But kids that age are sensitive for the comments of others, so they rather be the first to try something out than see their own small scars in the mirror.


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