Saturday, January 1, 2011


The time of this post is clear, isn't it?

Can't have it better for new beginnings!

We had a quiet change of years, and we made it different from other years.

Ofcourse we had the snacks, and bubbles without alcohol in wonderful glasses.

All the kids were at home.

One of them had fireworks that could contain a wish, and he gave one to me.
I don't like igniting it, but I was quite happy to write down my wish for all and put it in the special place for it.

After 12 we wished each other happy new year and then we went outside to see our wish go up.
My son tried to launch it away from us, but it turned and created a wonderful umbrella of light above us. The wish going up to the gods.

Because we were alrady halfway we decided to go and wish a friend and her family happy neaw year.
they were happy to see us and it was such fun, that it attracted other people, who wished us happy new year too.

Then we to the house where the two middle boys had a lan party and wished the father and his new wife, and the others a happy new year.
My son ignited his wish, and as beofre he tried to get it away from us.
Again the arrow went up to straight above our heads and splashed into beautiful green and red.
Then he ignited another arrow, without wish, and it went straight up where he wanted it.

Then we went home and went on the traditional way: watching the BBC.
The music was great and soon the girls and I were dancing.
It was fun.
Then we counted down again, so celebrate with the english.

We've done that since... we've always done that.
My dad went to the RAF in England in WW2, and when he returned he took me with him.
That's when I discovered I felt more at home in the UK than here. (I know, home is where you are. And it is. But still... We all would love to move.)

We enjoyed the music, the food and ofcourse each other. It's nice to hear plans and make concrete decisions to realise them.

When everyone was to bed I had a good feeling.

That was a good start!!


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