Sunday, December 19, 2010

Worst winterweather ever. I love it.

Thanks for asking how my lungs are doing.
I'm not feeling well at all, and the meds can barely deal with the problems.
I can't lay down, because I can't breathe and it takes an hour or even more to get on top of the shortness of breath.

Let's say I found out that one can spend a night at CityVille, one of the games on facebook, in the best position to breathe.

My doc is on vacation. I tried to call him at his own home, for once in a lifetime relying on our friendship, but he wasn't there.
There's so much snow here that it's almost impossible to go to another doctor.
And I'm not ill enough to make other people risk their lives to come and get me.
When it's necessary, that's something else.

Here we've got about 30 cm snow. All bushes and trees are covered with a huge load. Like they're having hats on.
Right now it's snowing so much that the 10 cm snow the girls pushed from the gardenpath and the pavement is completely back again.

I love it!
Last night the sky and the world looked a soft pink. It was so beautiful that I dressed myself well and stood in the garden to look at it for a while.

I can't wait to feel a bit better again to walk through the snow.
The crushing sound is so special, and the world looks so peaceful.

Ofcoruse I feel sorry for those who have to use their car and get stuck in endless trafficjams, for those who need to go by train and just can't. For those who have to rely on the busses, as they didn't drive any today.

It's so beautiful!!

I want to enjoy the feeling and the look as long as I can.


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