Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Today I woke up with the same flu that has reigned in our house for a few weeks now.
I had to do quite a lot though and there was no way to escape from it all.

My autistic son had an appointment with the dentist this afternoon.
His last chance to get problems solved before the insurance stops.

He skipped his last appointment, so I was quite hesitant to believe he would go today.
I tried to create a relaxed feel as possible and even engaged in discussing dog dna testing, a subject he considered interesting.

Then suddenly I got a call from my second son telling me that I had mail.
He said he discussed with his brother that he could go with him to the dentist and when I was OK with that he would come over.

And so he did.

He's been afraid for the detist for a while, but went and was glad he did.
A perfect role model, and at the age of my autistic son a peer role model works far better than mom.

And so they went.

After a while they came back. I heard them talking and laughing in the garden before they came in.

At monday morning some repair is needed. But I get the idea it won't be a real problem.


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