Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Student exchange for the girls

Snow, mist and ice defined the morning.
I was amazed one of the boys came home so early, but he'd been to the dentist and didn't want to go home.

At the end of the afternoon we prepared to go to the school of the girls.
After a quick dinner we dressed very warm and went to the trainstation with small steps over the shiny pavement. Me oh my, it was slippery!

We managed to get the bus in time, which was a real wonder...and some patience of the driver.. :)

At the main trainstation the father of the children joined us. We were just in time at school. But I have to say that many people came in after us.

The girls were nervous. But they were quite happy when they hear to which countries they were going.

One of the girls goes to Turkey (I'll contact some of you as you live in the town she;s going to.) The other one to the south of Spain. (Who lives there? NNE of Cordoba, north of Granada)

Most students were very happy with the place they're going to.

We were glad to be able to go home...meaning more than two hours of shivering in the cold and slippery sliding, hoping to arrive there without broken bones.
But....one of the boys could use the car of friends and we were home within 15 minutes.

At home we had long talks about the exchange, full of plans and joy.
A long look into the future.


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