Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stuck in the snow

We still had few traintickets for a full day with the last date of today.
So yesterday I went with a couple of the kids to travel around.

We first went to the north of the country and had plans to go to Amsterdam afterwards to do some shopping, visit our favorite artshop, and have something to eat.

When we were nearly at the place were we wanted to go: Sneek, it started to snow and by the time we arrived there it was a full snowstorm.

We had seen there was a shoppingcentre near the trainstation, so we went there. 4 shops and lots of cars.
With chocolate biscuits we left and decided to go back to the trainstation.
The storm was fierce and lots of snow came down.

At the next trainstation it was terribly cold and we caught a train heading south. In there we discussed what to do and we all decided for Utrecht.

Having a nice time together in the train we suddenly got silent. The train stopped somewhere in no where land.

After a while we were told we would go back to one of the main trainstations because Utrecht couldn't be reached. Trains were either defect or the relais were frozen.
For a while it was unclear of we could reach Utrecht. One way or another we had to go there to be able to go home.
The free coffee was crap.

In a loaded train we hadded to Utrecht.
I was the only one of our group to be able to sit... the chair was broken, but I was able to sit a bit anywhere.

In Utrecht it was impossible to establish if we could travel home. So we went to eat something first. When we came back it was still unknown.

After a long time waiting in the could we managed to get on a train and after arriving in town and catching another one we were finally at home.

In the meantime it had been snowing all the time.


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