Thursday, December 9, 2010

Snowproblems in the streets

It's impressive how many people have complained about the icy streets.
They are right to do so, because apart from the main streets, no snow has been removed.

Today I tried to get out of the neighbourhood to get some groceries, and it took me three times as long due to the ice everywhere.

I got some nice compliments for my clean pavement, but it didn't take away the ill feelings and fear to fall and break a leg.

This morning it has snown again, so it was impossible to see what was underneath the layer of a few centimeters: nothing or ice. Most of the time it was ice.

It's dangerous for everyone, especially the schoolkids with a load of books on their bicycles.

We pleaded for extra boxes with salt and sand, but we're still without them.
So the neighbourhoodcommittee organised a meeting and we discussed buying a toro snowblower.
That way we can keep the whole neighbourhood free from snow without being dependent upon others.

Considering the risk of injuries we'll go ahead and buy one.


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