Friday, December 10, 2010

She's got her shoes!

One of my daughters wanted shoes that were far too expensive for us.
She agreed calmly that she had to wait and maybe even had to save some money.

Each time she went with us to the shoppingcentre she quickly paid a visit to the shop and came back without saying anything.

Until yesterday.

With a big smile she invited us to come with her and she showed the shoes she wanted and the discount.

Within minutes a nice boy joined us and when she asked him for her size he almost jumped away to get the box with the shoes she's fancied for such a long time.

He was clearly happy for her that they were the right size and when we were paying we talked a bit and he said that she had been so very persistent to look every week for a discount that he kept a pair aside for her so she wouldn't miss them.

Isn't that sweet?

I've forgiven him that he tried to sell us socks. Long socks, sneeker socks, extra warm socks, gentlemen's socks. LOL!
I value the fact that he didn't try to sell her the shoes before they were prized down. She told me he has been very patient with her every time she asked if they would be in the sales of the next week. Often he would look it up, just because she was so eager to know.

No...I don't think we can expect any romance.
But he's won a warm place in my heart for caring so much that he had a box with her much desired shoes set apart.


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