Tuesday, December 14, 2010


One of the girls need to follow people at their jobs.
I was one of the people to follow.
Not as a normal mom, but as a journalist.

In the past I've worked at a magazine. I worked my way up from typist to writing journalist to headeditor.
So I know the ins and outs.
I also worked for a paper.

So it's fun to teach her what needs to be done to get news and information on the doormat.

She was kind of amazed to discover that while waiting for some real news to pop-up, all sorts of other jobs need to be done.
Like collecting information for a main article for the weekend edition, going to meetings, calling people to ask if they can deliver information for next week tuesday and analising data that have been gathered by others.

Each journalists has his or her own methods, but some standards are used, especially when health information needs to be put in an article.
The law here states that those without a medical degree are not allowed to hand out medical information. So either a doctor cosigns the article or reviews are used.

One of the subjects that landed on the table today were colon cleanse reviews.
Using the main conclusions together with the experiences of others, gathered in interviews, resulted in a nice article.


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