Friday, December 3, 2010

A relaxed day...almost.

The new agenda is in use. Time flies.

Today I went with my autistic son to his psychiatrist.
We could hardly approach the bus as it was such a slippery mess everywhere.
I asked the busdriver why they didn't use sand when they wouldn't use salt. He just shrugged his shoulders and mumbled something about the old ways being better.

We arrived 15 minutes early. There was no one at the department but the people of the front denk.
It was delightfully quiet.
It was like being alone in a japanese garden.

We talked things through with the psychiatrist and decided to wait with new meds until the endocrinologist would have presented the results.
It was a relaxed meeting and it felt good to be respected for who I am wand what I know.
I also told him the social worker wants to contact him to talk about the approach of my son.
She used to take my words serious before the who toodoo with childcare started. Now she wants to talk with the psychiatrist herself.
I said so to the psychiatrist and he smiled. "Yes, it works that way for some people."
"Indeed, it says more about them than about me."

So I explained why I reached certain conclusions.
I know my stuff and I observe well.

When we left the calm of the department touched us again.
It was almost a pity to leave.

We went home, did our shopping and then found out that sand was used on the bicycle roads. Wow!

At home one of the girls showed what she'd made with beads.
It was lovely!
We need to organise funds for her exchange and I told her that maybe making earrings and such would be a nice way to earn some of the money. She tried to find a job for this holiday, but she couldn't. So maybe this will work.

All in aal it was a very relaxed day, if it weren't that the whole toodoo with that guardian bugs us.
It's time all will be finished and left in the past.
We have final exams to concentrate on, and the usual changes in life.

Up to 2011!


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