Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reason to Believe

1. Has anyone asked you to believe in something that called for a huge leap of faith on your part?

Oh yes. It's the main issue here in our lives this year.
I don't want to talk about it on the blog, but it's in the book I'm writing.
I've learned a lot from it. Certainly to trust my own instincts.
I've also seen how people can intrude in the lives of others and break up whole families.
The person I'm talking about is mentioned by name on internet, so I know she has done what she did to us before to other families.
I can't belief that her superiors are not aware of what's going on, because this woman has a serious psychiatric problem and she's pure danger to nice and loving families.
I guess she's yealous of other women who can cope with more children at once, yealous of loving families or something like that. I hope it's something in that area, because that means she can be helped.

2. When is the last time you moved? Why did you move?

That's about 25 years ago, when we needed a house with garden to raise our children.
An old willow stood in the garden and it was special to me and my familie.
I alwyas said that when it would be gone we'd move.
Last summer it it's time to move on.

3. Malls? ..or one Internet? Are you doing more online shopping this year? The polls say we are, but I'm curious about what the real people are doing.

Real life shopping is more fun.
But I have ordered some small things, like rings and bracelets, on internet.

4. Do you remember the first meme you participated in and if so, what was it?

That friday meme, where questions were served like a dinner.

5. If you could invent something, what would it be?

Haha...I won't tell, because you would invent it too. LOL!

6. Are you finished with your shopping? Do you still a few things to go? What? Not even a game plan? ...or is there just one person you're having trouble finding something for?

Noop, I'm not finished.

7. What's left to do at your place (or where you are going)? Is the tree up? ...or maybe you're just happy you found the Christmas coffee mug and are calling that good?

We alwaays celebrate Sinterklaas, which is our present event of december.
This year we had to skip it, due to the weather and it's moved to christmas.
We never put up any christmasdecoration until after Sinterklaas.

This year I need to go to the attick and get the christmasthings. Maybe this weekend.
A bad bout of bronchitis keeps me calm.
I have bought a small house with lights, and got two ornaments with lights.
So "with lights" will be the theme this year I guess.

8. Is your life turning out the way you thought it would when you were a kid? If not, is it better or worse?

  • I wanted a lot of kids. I have.
  • I wanted to become a balletdancer and -teacher. I did.
  • I wanted to become a writer. I did.
  • I wanted to become a singer. I did that too for a while.
  • And I wanted to move to Scotland. Well, I'm open for opportunities.
9. Tell us about something you'll miss about 2010.

Nothing. Let's move on.

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