Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Problem solved.

One of the friends of one of my sons works at a shop where they sell games, ipods, cameras, cd's etc etc.
He loves his job and he often has interesting stories to tell about what happened during a day.

Yesterday he suddenly walked in here after closingtime and he clearly was in a bad mood.
I asked him why and he told me that some ipods were stolen.
When they realised it they went to look at the tapes of the surveillance cameras, but they couldn't see anyone stealing them, except an older woman putting her bag nearby. But the stealing act wasn't put on camera.

Now many people are shopping for christmaspresents it's not good not to have any ipods available.
The deliveries to the shops are irregular due to the bad weather.

He didn't know what to do.

I said I's probably order some ipods from internet and put them under glass and tell people they can be ordered.

He thought that was a good idea.

We designed a nice gift card, so they can be given as presents and taken to the shop after christmas to collect the ipod.

Never seen such a happy guy! Problem solved.


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