Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our Count Down - 15 - not again!

I was right the last time I wrote in this series.

Today I saw the letter that is supposed to go to court: they want to end the guardianship.
Mentioned is the fact that the girls do well, mentioned too is that we're not cooperating.

So that's precisely what I sensed in that guy: the lack of really understanding what's going on and interpreting things in a negative way.
I'm so tired of it all.
Is this a special breed of people?

They are absoluty paranoid in the way they deal with people.

I said that we didn't feel at ease with the guy, that we were not able to establish contact well enough compared to how we have contact with other people.
That's not resistance!!

When I feel resistance I'm bloody well capable of telling them not to interfere with our lives, or to keep my mouth shut.

I kept on talking and talking to come across, because I sensed he didn't get it.

I sensed well.

It makes me so mad that those people are able to turn everything around and paint everything black.

Because he also made a huge mistake in his letter I wrote him a non official reaction.
If he's wise he writes his letter again, so he won't be confronted in court with paperwork that makes clear they're not able to transfer cases well, or understand transferral of cases, and they're not able to listen.
I'm glad I have that part of the whole toodoo on paper in a good way.

It's absolutely ridiculous!

We got guardianship because of stupidities.
We told the court we would cooperate and we did.
We even tried to get more appointments in less time.

I wrote two letters, each one about an important issue, to speed up the process.

But I can't and won't create problems to enable them to make a treatment plan.

I think that's why they say we won't cooperate: they have no treatment plan at all.

The guy went to school and there it became clear I was right. My girls are doing OK.
In between it was said that some classmates had not so much contact with one of the girls, and ofcourse that's presented in that letter too.
So next week, when the school's open, I'll ask a written statement about that with answers on questions like: was that a problem, etc etc.

I told the guy that under normal circumstances letters with huge mistakes are rewritten. If he does, I think we can deal with it, but if he doesn't I think we need to have a lawyer again. A better one than before.
I fear the girls won't be able to go on student exchange in that case.
We don't have a moneytree.

How on earth are these people able to make everything into a huge problem?
The matter could be settled so easy.


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