Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Count Down - 14 - will the clock stop ticking?

We were waiting for replies on our letters, but nothing happened until today.

We got a nice letter on the doormat stating Child Care will propose the court to stop the guardianship. So we would see each other in court. The last letters won't need an answer.

At first I was happy, happy, happy...
Then I started to ask myself why she didn't mention the motivation to stop the whole toodoo, as the law clearly states a few situations in which it can be stopped before the whole year has come to an end. (We've had 100 days).

Ofcourse there's nothing the matter with the girls or the rest of the family, so I guess that's the reason.
But after all the disappointments and unwelcome surprises of child protection my trust has gone. (That needs some hard work to be regained the next year).
All the doubts possible jumped in my mind: maybe we've been too critical and difficult by expecting more from those guardians than they gave. We wanted pleasant people to deal with, a good partner in conversation, we wanted to be understood and accepted, we wanted the whole experience to be as pleasant as possible. Maybe we expected too much. Maybe that is now used against us?
The girls didn't feel OK with the guy and answered the questions by mail. Maybe they see that as a negative thing? Wereas I see that as a good way of taking care of themselves and they wellbeing. If they would have been told they had to go they would have gone.

This afternoon I was with my autistic son at my family doctor and ofcourse I asked him if they had called him. "No".

All sorts of things went through my mind, and then the only thing substantial stayed:
The court decided for guardianship because that teacher dais my girls were depressed, afraid to go to school, had no contacts etc etc, and it turned out that my girls are OK and the guy was mistaken. We've said that from the moment we knew what he had said to child protection.

Well, I'm going to write a mail to child care asking them the reason, when to expect the date of the courtsession and some other details.

Keep your fingers crossed this clock will stop to tick and we can have a normal life far as we can have a normal life. LOL!


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