Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh my dear!!! What winter does to you!

This morning the phone rang and a friend asked me to come over for coffee.
No problem...I thought.

But when I walked to her house I had to cross the playground and that took ages because of the ice.
It was not made for the kids to have fun, but it was the consequence of a week full of snow and temperatures below zero.

Last night it rained a lot and the parts of the pavements that were clean before got a good clean of the salt and that was it. They were not icy at all.

But that part of the playground was clearly neglected.
I almost fell a few times before I reached the place where I could hold on to the fence around a house.

Someone just left there and she didn't blink an eye when she saw me trying to move.

"It's slippery, isn't it?", she said.

Before I had time to zip my mouth I said: "Yes, when people won't take responsibility and use a bit of salt it's slippery, indeed."

I guess she just didn't understand me, because she said her goodbyes very friendly.

When I finally arrived at the house of my friend, it felt strange to walk again at a normal and clean pavement.
The coffee tasted delicious.

On my way back she walked with me. She had to go that way anyway. And because she had shoes with anti slip-soles she could give me an arm without slipping herself.

I felt like an old granny and for a moment I could imagine myself being old and wrinkled, trembling at the arm of my daughter.

Oh my dear!!! What winter does to you!


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