Wednesday, December 1, 2010

No bread and decisions due to winterstorm

We needed bread and as I had nothing at home to bake one, I had to go to the shops.
No problem. I had to shop for the presents for Sinterklaas anyway.

So I put a thick shawl around my face, a fancy thing on my head, two cardigans on, legwarmers, my best coat, and battled my way against the storm on my bicycle.
At times I had to put my foot on the ground because the wind brought me to a complete stand still.

When I arrived at the shoppingcentre I needed some time to feel my legs again.

I had to go to three shops before I found bread on the shelves.
It's clear that many shops didn't get their products delivered today. Already a shortage of bread, vegetables and some drinks could be seen.

I tried to find the presents I needed to buy, but I gave up looking for them after a while.

At home it was decided we'll skip Sinterklaas and give presents at Christmas, so everyone can go shopping when it's convenient.
It feels odd. But one doesn't send anyone out at the moment.

Inside the home it's cozy. We had a tasteful dinner, had fun, watched TV, and when it was time for the girls to go to bed it started to snow light glistening snowstars.

I don't like the cold, but it's better than a hot summer.
Nature is so interesting now. The skies, the reflecting snow in the middle of the night, the lake.
Maybe I'll put myself in all sorts of layers of warmth and make a short walk later.


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