Sunday, December 19, 2010

News in the online paper

The news in the online local paper is just a fraction of what's printed.
When the paper was just online, people were very interested and visited the site a few times a day.
Now the number of visitors has lowered a lot, due to the fact that the news is very one-sided and they're accepting the most annoying advertisements a webmaster has nightmares of.

Today an advertisement about a rifle scope covered part of the page, at the bottom something of a movie was flashing on a black background and the main article was covered by an advertisement of a bank.
I can't think of a better way to drive people away.
We're not allowed to have rifles in the home or with us outside the home, the bank has advertisements everywhere, so we're so used to them that we hardly see them and the movie, well, when you really need to spend your money on a story that makes you sleep well you'll visit it anyway.

I love reading the paper sitting on the couch with coffee.
From an online paper I expect something sparkly.
But the news I find there seems to be sponsored by the police and the weatherstation.

Right now a group of friends, I'm one of them, is considering to create a new online local paper.
Our goal is not to bring news that can be found in the daily papers, but factual news and news that is news right at that moment.
Already we've got a few reporters, a photographer and an ITCman who is able to put the news straight away online.

Top escape from the advertisements we need reliable sponsors... Haha!


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