Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Metformin is used in the treatment fo diabetes.
It makes the body more sensitive for insulin, so those with partial insensitivity for insulin might postpone insuline treatment.

Not all patients like metformin.
Most have to discover that it gives you the runs.

Doctors are often jubilant about this medication, because there are in their eyes no severe side-effects. The resulting weightloss is considered to be a benefit.
Research in adolescent girls showed that metformin lowered the body weight more than a placebo (fake tablet), but not as much as some doctors claim it does.
So one has to stay realistic about it all.

Interesting results of other studies show that people who use metformin are less likely to develop cancer.
Animal studies found that metformin kills cancer in the stem cells.
Firther studies seem to proof that using metformin alongside radiation therapy diminished the recurrence risk of the cancer.

It's too early to bring these findings out in the world as clear facts, but these developments are very promising.

I assume this chain of reserach won't have to deal with financial cutbacks, because metformin is very cheap, and thus the ratio: money and treatment benefits is positive.


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