Monday, December 6, 2010

Just one call

One of the boys needs to give a business presentation about his work as a photographer.
He already has a lot of experience, but doesn't have much money to buy equipment.
So he came to me to discuss the matter.

Ofcourse giving a presentation with visual material is best, especially for a phorographer.
People can see his style, use of colours and such and they can show what they like and don't like.

We have a home dlp projector, but it's less convenient than a portable one.
Lucky for my son I know some journalists and one of them had a portable projector when he visited me a few weeks ago.

So I called him and he told us that he wasn't able to give my son the projector, but he could introduce him to his boss and maybe he would be willing to give my son the responsibility for the projector for a day.

The meeting was within an hour and I just got a call from my son that he's able to do some practical work there for a week and that involved taking the projector with him.

Hmmm, clever boss. Now he can see how my son works and think about hiring him, and my son has the projector for his presentation.

Wish everything could be arranged with so much ease.


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