Friday, December 3, 2010

Just a friday

Another snowday.

We're getting used to the troubles the snow causes and don't regard them as troubles anymore.
Going to school means leaving a bit earlier and walking through the neighbourhood until the main road is reached where one can bicycle in a normal way.

It also means being creative with food, because the shelves in the shops don't present as much bread as usual.

Adjusting is an art and I've always treated that art as a talent of each and every child. A talent to be develeoped as well as possible.

This morning I welcomed the light of the day, that special light of snow.

Then I realised a nagging pain in my arm and shoulder. Where did that come from?
It took me almost all day to realise it comes from removing the snow from the plastic roof above the back door.

I did some chores and walked to a friend because I had to ask her something. Instead of asking and going back I sat there, and kept het daughter busy while she was at the phone. Her daughter has the same flu as my kids... so no need to worry about infecting others.

Then we had a chat and coffee and when I arrived home my oldest sat there, smiling.

He's very good at baking bread, so he made breadrolls for all of us, with cheese and ham. That tasted so well!

(While he was baking, I mailed childcare to ask for the reason of their decision.)

We had a nice afternoon, discussing a few things and before we knew the kids were home from school and we all were talking and having fun.

Then I suddenly asked why child care spoke about transparency and all sorts of nice things, and why they made a decision without showing us the reports on us and give us the chance to make corrections.
So I spend another mail, and because I didnt; get a reply on the former one from the teamleader I mailed the guardian too. He didn't tell us which motivation they had, (ofcourse I can think of one: my kids are well cared for and my kids are nice, polite and friendly kids, reacting their age, doing well at school, not using cigarettes drinks, drugs or whatever, having an active social life, etc etc.)
He told me he had his vacation next week and after that he'll write the proposal for court to dismiss him from his duty and we would get to read that.

After that we made some plans fro christmas and the eldest went home, and we went to do the usual things: homework, dinner etc etc.

Next week will be busy with a few appointments, waiting for the heating control, visiting a new mom and her newborn baby, a parents evening and hearing where the girls will go on the international journey next spring.

So a relaxed day with the kids was just what was good for the soul.


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