Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Interior design

After building the extension to the school it was time to allow an interior designer to make it into a good place to be.
Part of the extension is a waitingroom for parents and it needed a few modern coffee tables.

A few years ago I was in the building board of a new school and we discussed not only the outer architecture, but also the inner design of the school.
It was one of the most interesting events in my life. Not only because we worked together with rthe most famous architects and interior designers, but also because it made me aware of so very many things, including student safety.
The interior designer wanted an open staircase and balcony because it would sdo so much justice to the spaciousness of the building, but in one single moment I saw a student drop down over the railing.

Now this other school needed coffee tables and lamps.

So when I went there I was very curious.

It's wonderful!!

The tables are modern. They fit in every interior, ranging from classical to minimalistic, but the way chairs and lamps are used to make it a good place to be is amazing.
Handblown lamps, like they're woven from glass, in a straight line above the tables.
A reading corner and a brochure stand on the tables.

It's amazing.

And it makes one thing very clear: even with basic furniture a cosy place can be created everywhere.


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